Analysis of a complex legal case

Recently we came across a lawyer in our weekly law mastermind group, who told us about one of the most complex legal cases he had come across.

Now, its not surprising to find complex cases with many legal complications and twists and turns, but this one indeed had to rank high on the list.

Infact did you hear about the caller who called the Howard Stein show to complain about her cosmetic surgery which went wrong? Check it out below!

Apparently, this lawyer was approached by a woman in her late 40s who wanted to file a case against her surgeon. Long story short, she claimed that a reputes plastic surgeon in her state had promised results and better looks and performed 18 different surgeries on her face – including nose, eyebrows and chin. But once the scars had healed and her bandages were removed, she felt that her “new nose” actually looked worse than her previous one!

When she confronted her plastic surgeon, he decided to perform another minor surgery on her nose, and she reluctantly agreed. Lo and behold – the new nose was still not what she had envisioned! Nose surgery or rhinoplasty as it is known is a delicate procedure which has to be performed with precision.

The woman claims that she was wronged , since the initial “mockup drawings” of the nose she was promised was no where near what her nose looked like now. So anyway , our lawyer friend agreed to take on her case, and they sued her cosmetic surgeon and also the hospital which had performed the surgery.

This is where the twist came! To her shock (and the lawyer’s surprise), this surgeon who she claimed had botched her rhinoplasty surgery turned out to be a totally different person! The hospital where the surgery was performed had no records of any doctor with the name she had mentioned, and the only plastic surgeon working there was a totally un-related individual.

Now, if you feel this sounds right out of a hollywood blockbuster, you are not alone! We feel the same way too. Apparently it turns out that the “surgeon” who had performed her surgery and botched it up , was actually a quack who had been fooling gullible people who were looking to do cosmetic surgeries for cheap!

Where this case got complicated is that the woman nor the lawyer could not find this “surgeon” to sue him or get him arrested. The police had no information of this, though they had received a couple of similar complaints from 2 other individuals!

In the end, the woman is left with her “worse than before” nose, and hopes that one day this quack will get arrested!

Now dont get us wrong . Not all plastic surgeons are bad. The state of Michigan has some of the best plastic surgeons and rhinoplasty surgeons who even operate on hollywood A listers. Infact one of the best rhinoplasty clinics in Michigan is situated in Birmingham MI. You can visit their site at

You can also visit for more information on the different types and benefits of rhinoplasty and other facial plastic surgery procedures.

Ok, till next time , adios amigos – have a great weekend and hope to catch you (and the quack) next week!

Reviews and Lawyers

These days, when the average Joe wants to hire a lawyer, how does he go about doing the research to find  good lawyer? We at West High Courts decided to take a survey and find out!

We sent out a survey form to one thousand of our existing clients. The survey consisted of a simple form with 5 questions. We sent it out to both lawyers and non-lawyers and the results were astounding.

The number one method people used was to go online and read other reviews by previous clients. These included websites like Yelp, Avvo and Superlawyers. This was the number one determining factor. If a lawyer had even one bad review among 4 or 5 good reviews, that hurt his reputation. Most lawyers do not know this or if they did, did not seem it important to make sure they have good reviews.

If attorneys and law firms took the extra time to make sure they get good reviews from their past clients and to monitor these forums and websites where reviews are posted, they will easily increase their business.

We decided to experiment with this, and so went out and created a couple of southfield mi criminal defense attorney reviews for an established law firm. Over  period of 90 days, we asked new clients how they found this southfield law firm review and what made them hire the firm. Out of 30 new clients, 24 said they read the reviews and were pleased and so decided to hire the law firm!

A video of this lawyer is given below.

One other thing we observed was that the new clients who came in seeing the reviews, left a positive review even without being asked to. This spawned a forward momentum that actually benefited the law firm since more reviews brought in more new clients, and newer clients left more reviews and the it just spiraled into a forward momentum!

We then did the same thing with a company in  a completely different industry – the landscaping industry – just to validate our results. We approached a Michigan Landscaping company in Ann Arbor.

The results were the same. Over a period of 3 months, over 70% of the new clients said reviews was a huge determining factor , and they also left reviews without being asked to!

All this leads us to believe that in this day and age, where technology rules and everyone wants instant answers, its still good old word of mouth marketing and referrals that still trumps all Ofcourse the medium may be a website or a forum , as compared to a tea shop chatter of the 1980s, but its still the same old trust and social proof.

So next time you think reviews are not important, thing again!

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

One of the best ways of advertising and marketing these days is via Social media. Everyone knows it, but does everyone use it?  More importantly, does everyone know to use it the optimum way?

In a study done by the Law school of Yale University, it was found that lawyers and attorneys spent the most on advertising compared to other professionals. But it was also noted that lawyers did not really spend their advertising budget wisely.

Most relied on Yelp and other directories or social media properties like facebook and twitter, but did not know how to effectively utilize it to the max.

One of the most renowned lawyers in the midwest actually used a SEO company to help with their advertising. What they found was that their customer base increased 200% in a matter of 90 days. Now thats astounding.

One of the nations premier advertising agency was hired to do their marketing efforts, and this company went all out in advertising . You can visit the Detroit SEO Yelp page to get to know more about this company and leave a review if you want.

As you can see from the above ad, these ad agencies come up with creative ideas to catch the attention of the common man and make your company stand out from the competition. IS it worth the money you are paying? Absolutely!!

For more information on companies which can help get your phone ringing and increase your customer base, please look up the above yelp link.

Thanks and have a great day!

Michigan Lawyers frequent this Indian Restaurant

Lawyers and Restaurants!

Lawyers and Attorneys work long hours to get ahead in their careers and also to make sure they win the case for their clients. This is a known fact.  Most lawyers neglect their health and eat at their desk or if they go out, eat a quick meal – usually some Chinese takeout or a greasy burger. You cant blame them – its the nature of their job! When they charge clients $1000 per hour, every minute becomes valuable!

In Michigan , when lawyers do get a chance to unwind and maybe go to a restaurant to have a good leisurely meal, most of them have one favorite place! Aroma Indian Cuisine in Farmington Hills is fast becoming the most sought after place for professionals from all industries , not just Lawyers. as the place to be !

This is a new Indian restaurant that opened up about a month ago in the Farmington Hills area. It is a very upscale professional place where the ambiance is just right for both families to dine in and for professionals to bring in their clients for a business meeting.

It is fast becoming known as the best Indian restaurant in Farmington Hills area, and everyday there seem to be more people in line waiting to get a seat!

The main reason this place is becoming popular among both the Indian community and also the American professional community  is because the food is just right. The serving size, spice level, and variety is just right that anyone from any background and culinary level will be able to find something that they like.

The price is also very competitive.

One thing though is that just like any Indian food, if you don’t wash your mouth after lunch it will not only turn your clients away but also may get you to visit your dentist fast! Its not a coincidence that one of the best Southfield Dentist in the area has her shop very close!

By the way , here is a good article to learn about Indian cuisine and its benefits and also short comings.

Lawyers and Attorneys in High Courts

The importance of a lawyer in the society

Lawyers are professionals who are trained in law and they may help you solve your legal issues. They are independent and will keep confidential information which they can release it if only you allow them. The lawyers are officers of the court and must not assist you in breaking law. They must balance your interests and the law. Before you know the services offered by a lawyer, you need to know when to seek their assistance.

What can bring you to a lawyer?

A lawyer can assist you when you have legal problem where he/she will represent you in court and assist you in handling your legal right. When are accused of a criminal offence, lawyers may help you with advise concerning your defense. He will fight for you to ensure are favored by the law.

An attorney may help you in case you wish to claim compensation from another party by filing the claim on your behalf and represent you in court. On the other hand, when another party has unfairly filed a case against you in court, the lawyer may be there to represent you and defend you.

Sometimes you may be having doubt concerning a certain issue involving the law. They will be there to advice you so that you can do you activities according to the law. The legal advice can save from consequences that can be due to breaking the law unintentionally.


Services offered by attorneys and lawyers

The services offered by lawyers are will be useful to you when you are involved in legal issues. The following are the services that they can offer you.

They can make claims on your behalf when someone has wronged. A good example is when your debtors refuse to pay; you can use lawyer’s assistance in filling a case against the debtors so that you get back your money.

Lawyers can help you claim compensation when you are involved in an accident or from an insurance company.

When you have marital problems relating to separation, custody of children and their maintenance or even divorce, they will give you on the legal procedures to follow in order to solve the problem.

When buying or selling your property, lawyers will examine the documents involved and guide you through the whole process. They are also important when you have tenancy issues.

Lawyers can help a business or a company file for chapter 9. In this economy more than half the businesses file for bankruptcy and every county and state has a good bankruptcy attorney in Detroit. Some cities like Detroit Michigan and Los Angeles California have seen a huge spike in such filings.

Lawyers keep confidential documents or information that you need to protect. They can keep your will until you pass away for inheritance division among your beneficiaries. A good place to learn more about lawyers is

Consultation is among the services of a lawyer and you consult concerning decision making or other activities that require lawyers to approve them.

The services of the lawyer will help get off the hook when involved in activities relating to the law.

Importance of a Lawyer