Analysis of a complex legal case

Recently we came across a lawyer in our weekly law mastermind group, who told us about one of the most complex legal cases he had come across.

Now, its not surprising to find complex cases with many legal complications and twists and turns, but this one indeed had to rank high on the list.

Infact did you hear about the caller who called the Howard Stein show to complain about her cosmetic surgery which went wrong? Check it out below!

Apparently, this lawyer was approached by a woman in her late 40s who wanted to file a case against her surgeon. Long story short, she claimed that a reputes plastic surgeon in her state had promised results and better looks and performed 18 different surgeries on her face – including nose, eyebrows and chin. But once the scars had healed and her bandages were removed, she felt that her “new nose” actually looked worse than her previous one!

When she confronted her plastic surgeon, he decided to perform another minor surgery on her nose, and she reluctantly agreed. Lo and behold – the new nose was still not what she had envisioned! Nose surgery or rhinoplasty as it is known is a delicate procedure which has to be performed with precision.

The woman claims that she was wronged , since the initial “mockup drawings” of the nose she was promised was no where near what her nose looked like now. So anyway , our lawyer friend agreed to take on her case, and they sued her cosmetic surgeon and also the hospital which had performed the surgery.

This is where the twist came! To her shock (and the lawyer’s surprise), this surgeon who she claimed had botched her rhinoplasty surgery turned out to be a totally different person! The hospital where the surgery was performed had no records of any doctor with the name she had mentioned, and the only plastic surgeon working there was a totally un-related individual.

Now, if you feel this sounds right out of a hollywood blockbuster, you are not alone! We feel the same way too. Apparently it turns out that the “surgeon” who had performed her surgery and botched it up , was actually a quack who had been fooling gullible people who were looking to do cosmetic surgeries for cheap!

Where this case got complicated is that the woman nor the lawyer could not find this “surgeon” to sue him or get him arrested. The police had no information of this, though they had received a couple of similar complaints from 2 other individuals!

In the end, the woman is left with her “worse than before” nose, and hopes that one day this quack will get arrested!

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Ok, till next time , adios amigos – have a great weekend and hope to catch you (and the quack) next week!

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