Michigan Lawyers frequent this Indian Restaurant

Lawyers and Restaurants!

Lawyers and Attorneys work long hours to get ahead in their careers and also to make sure they win the case for their clients. This is a known fact.  Most lawyers neglect their health and eat at their desk or if they go out, eat a quick meal – usually some Chinese takeout or a greasy burger. You cant blame them – its the nature of their job! When they charge clients $1000 per hour, every minute becomes valuable!

In Michigan , when lawyers do get a chance to unwind and maybe go to a restaurant to have a good leisurely meal, most of them have one favorite place! Aroma Indian Cuisine in Farmington Hills is fast becoming the most sought after place for professionals from all industries , not just Lawyers. as the place to be !

This is a new Indian restaurant that opened up about a month ago in the Farmington Hills area. It is a very upscale professional place where the ambiance is just right for both families to dine in and for professionals to bring in their clients for a business meeting.

It is fast becoming known as the best Indian restaurant in Farmington Hills area, and everyday there seem to be more people in line waiting to get a seat!

The main reason this place is becoming popular among both the Indian community and also the American professional community  is because the food is just right. The serving size, spice level, and variety is just right that anyone from any background and culinary level will be able to find something that they like.

The price is also very competitive.

One thing though is that just like any Indian food, if you don’t wash your mouth after lunch it will not only turn your clients away but also may get you to visit your dentist fast! Its not a coincidence that one of the best Southfield Dentist in the area has her shop very close!

By the way , here is a good article to learn about Indian cuisine and its benefits and also short comings.

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