Reviews and Lawyers

These days, when the average Joe wants to hire a lawyer, how does he go about doing the research to find  good lawyer? We at West High Courts decided to take a survey and find out!

We sent out a survey form to one thousand of our existing clients. The survey consisted of a simple form with 5 questions. We sent it out to both lawyers and non-lawyers and the results were astounding.

The number one method people used was to go online and read other reviews by previous clients. These included websites like Yelp, Avvo and Superlawyers. This was the number one determining factor. If a lawyer had even one bad review among 4 or 5 good reviews, that hurt his reputation. Most lawyers do not know this or if they did, did not seem it important to make sure they have good reviews.

If attorneys and law firms took the extra time to make sure they get good reviews from their past clients and to monitor these forums and websites where reviews are posted, they will easily increase their business.

We decided to experiment with this, and so went out and created a couple of southfield mi criminal defense attorney reviews for an established law firm. Over  period of 90 days, we asked new clients how they found this southfield law firm review and what made them hire the firm. Out of 30 new clients, 24 said they read the reviews and were pleased and so decided to hire the law firm!

A video of this lawyer is given below.

One other thing we observed was that the new clients who came in seeing the reviews, left a positive review even without being asked to. This spawned a forward momentum that actually benefited the law firm since more reviews brought in more new clients, and newer clients left more reviews and the it just spiraled into a forward momentum!

We then did the same thing with a company in  a completely different industry – the landscaping industry – just to validate our results. We approached a Michigan Landscaping company in Ann Arbor.

The results were the same. Over a period of 3 months, over 70% of the new clients said reviews was a huge determining factor , and they also left reviews without being asked to!

All this leads us to believe that in this day and age, where technology rules and everyone wants instant answers, its still good old word of mouth marketing and referrals that still trumps all Ofcourse the medium may be a website or a forum , as compared to a tea shop chatter of the 1980s, but its still the same old trust and social proof.

So next time you think reviews are not important, thing again!

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