Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

One of the best ways of advertising and marketing these days is via Social media. Everyone knows it, but does everyone use it?  More importantly, does everyone know to use it the optimum way?

In a study done by the Law school of Yale University, it was found that lawyers and attorneys spent the most on advertising compared to other professionals. But it was also noted that lawyers did not really spend their advertising budget wisely.

Most relied on Yelp and other directories or social media properties like facebook and twitter, but did not know how to effectively utilize it to the max.

One of the most renowned lawyers in the midwest actually used a SEO company to help with their advertising. What they found was that their customer base increased 200% in a matter of 90 days. Now thats astounding.

One of the nations premier advertising agency was hired to do their marketing efforts, and this company went all out in advertising . You can visit the Detroit SEO Yelp page to get to know more about this company and leave a review if you want.

As you can see from the above ad, these ad agencies come up with creative ideas to catch the attention of the common man and make your company stand out from the competition. IS it worth the money you are paying? Absolutely!!

For more information on companies which can help get your phone ringing and increase your customer base, please look up the above yelp link.

Thanks and have a great day!

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